Nowe legendy miejskie / The New City Legends
December 15,Time 21:00PM,Moma Film,Palace of Culture and Science,Broniewski Hall

The New City Legends is a showcase of four incredible films inspired by the legends created by ten-year-olds from Praga and Targówek primary schools in Warsaw: „Zęboludy”, „How Praga Came into Being”, „Mr Sówka and the Barber from Targówek” and the animated one „The Heroic Parrot with a Dog”. The process of making the films lasted for over a year. It all started off as a simple realization of the existence of the legends assigned to certain districts, led to telling other people about them and finalized in writing them down. The most interesting ideas were consistently developed until four full film scenarios materialized. The kids learnt how to work on a movie set, made scenography and costumes, chose the film settings and performed in the movies – in other words: they managed to create different worlds all by themselves.