De-naturat / De-natured (Alcohol)

December 15, Time: 22:00 PM, MŁYN Artistic Foundation, Wytwórnia Theatre, 18 Markowska St.

denaturat__fot._magda_skrzeczkowska_240He and She – trapped in the four walls of their small flat in a typical Polish housing estate. The play „DE-NATURED (ALKOHOL)” is - as one of the play reviewers wrote - “A state of the final collapse an alcohol-dependent person is not able to recover from. He just sits there unable to stand up, feeling more and more sleepy. His head waddles, he squints his eyes and he doesn’t even try to mumble anything anymore. And in front of him stands a young girl, maybe twenty-year-old, pregnant” (E. Hevelke, Nowa Siła Krytyczna).