Czarna Mańka Królowa Przedmieścia / Czarna Mańka the Queen of the Suburbs

December 16, Time: 17:30 PM, Pracownie Twórcze Lubelska 30/32 Association, 30/32 Lubelska St.

czm_240"Czarna Mańka ..." is a spectacle-musical based on the legend of „Czarna Mańka – the First Lady of the Suburbs”. Stanisław Wielanek describes her this way: "Who Czarna Mańka was, did she actually ever exist or was she just a fictitious heroine, an exotic phenomenon of the Warsaw law life - the discussion goes on. It is maintained by voices of the old inhabitants of our city who remember the pre-war Warsaw with Czarna Mańka, even though each of them discribes her in a different way. Czarna Mańka is definitely a marvelous legend and as such it exists in each district of Warsaw.