Re:visions Independent Art Invasion
December, Warsaw 2007

Re:visions: The first (and definitely not the last [:)] ) three-day swirl of culture in Warsaw. All art disciplines - the best of Warsaw Off. Things once hidden will see the daylight again. Magical places, inspiring artists, unknown climates. The insane and the unexpected - and the classical and canonical. Things felt under the skin, but not known with the mind, operating outside the official institutions, in metaphysical theatre space, underground music clubs and independent galleries.
The art that adapts and integrates the urban space.
Art events and artistic endeavours. Artists passionately fond of art, and professionals passionately seeking their artistic destiny.

First Re:visions is an opportunity to discover the independent art of Warsaw. We will create a map of artistic places in the city. Old historic buses will take the audience to the magical courts of art, and our guides will lead the way to independent theatres. We will also create space for projects without a home. Over 3000 square meters in the Palace of Science and Culture will become a centre for independent art. The amazing contrast of art presented in the marvellous architecture of the palace will create a new experience of art, something new and unmissable.

The invasion will last 3 days - from Friday to Sunday - 14, 15, 16 December 2007.
Each day, every visitor can create their own programme of artistic experiences. We will drop into almost every district of Warsaw. And everyone is welcome in the labyrinth of the Palace corridors on Saturday night.

The aim of Re:visions is to present to the people of Warsaw another dimension and different faces of Independent Warsaw Art. However, we want to open doors to Europe and expand the program in the future. Already this year we will showcase the work of foreign artists living in Warsaw. We will also invite art representatives and art event directors in order to strengthen the international ties of Warsaw artists. We will therefore produce a film and a catalogue that will help us to promote the event.

Re:visions is designed to present amazing artistic visions and open out the cultural map of Warsaw.


Most of the dates after the 13th of December are associated by the majority of Poles with the time of the Polish martial law. We would like to propose quite a different invasion - an invasion that will be oriented towards the future, development and creativity - the artistic invasion on the space of Warsaw, invasion of culture that will present the new, alternative places and events.

During the four afternoons several places in the particularly culture-forming spots of Warsaw will present spectacles and other independent shows. The program will be arranged in such a way that it would give every participant a chance to see more or less three places during one day and plan their evenings on their own. There will be theatre performances, contemporary dance shows, concerts, exhibitions, film shows, and various live acts. Some of the events (because of the weather conditions in a limited way) will take place in the space of the city.

We have created the program of the Festival after several consultations with the independent culture milieus in Warsaw, taking into consideration many different genres and choosing those most interesting (and at the same time feasible). There will be events that had been presented earlier as well as new realizations. We want to show the "hotbeds of independent culture" like for instance the Inżynierska, Lubelska or Ząbkowska street in Praga district, or Chłodna in the Centre of the town and certain small "units" that play the role of precursors in their area (like in Ursynów or Służewiec district). The selection of the repertoire was based on the following criteria: innovative formula, high artistic and professional quality, the role the piece of art plays in the "animation" of the society and its value for the diverse cultural offer of the city.

As far as visual arts are concerned some independent galleries will be presented during the Festival. The curators or competent employees will take care of the galleries that will be open till the late night hours. In this way the galleries will become more familiar to the public, they will become places worth visiting in the future. At the same time the commentaries of the people employed or artists themselves will make the reception of the works presented - as well as the cultural offer of the galleries - fuller .

Gallery 2b that usually functions in the municipal and postindustrial spaces will present a multimedia presentation of over 300 artists, 2 exhibitions (Wally Gilbert "Norblin Project" and "Wykluczone!") and a few actions realized by the artists connected with the Gallery, amongst them: Marzena Turek-Gaś (painting during roller skating), Andrzej Mitan ("Polish Didactic Poema" performance), city action by Jacek Bąkowski and a visit in the atelier of Grażyna Bartnik.

Screening shows and diverse performative, social-artistic actions will also take place during the Festival as well as an extensive presentation of Warsaw independent music scene. We invited to cooperation the most interesting music clubs (Łysy Pingwin, Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna, SATURATOR club, CAFE KULTURALNA) from the Praga district, Wola and the Centre, places that every day provide the space for presentation and promotion of young bands and any interesting musical phenomena.

We will present a few different styles of Warsaw off music. And the culmination of these presentations will take place on two stages in the Palace of Culture. The "stars" of off music will perform on the big stage, while the small scene will be reserved for more intimate jazz performances..

On Saturday at 9pm the Festival should reach its climax. On the first floor of the Palace of Culture over 5000 square meters will be filled with independent art. The presentation will include: theatre, independent film, concerts, performance art, dance shows, exhibitions, visualizations. During the festival the centre for independent culture will be created by us in the centre of Warsaw. Shown in the huge, beautifully illuminated rooms the independent art will gain another meaning. All the "homeless" projects presented so far only in the municipal space will now get their own place. This few hour "museum" of independent art - thanks to creating the professional possibility of presentation - will make viewers realize that independent art is as much professional and valuable as the art that is well-known, the "classic" one. Presentation of art in such spaces will give the independent art a chance to to be noticed and appreciated.

The huge space of Palace of Culture gives an opportunity for presentation of dozens of projects of many genres. We will arrange musical and theatrical stages and for more intimate productions and performances we will annex the huge halls and corridors hidden behind the pillars. It is just a perfect place for exhibitions and artistic installations. We anticipate to use about 30 projectors and the films that would be mostly about art in Warsaw, including films and photographic documentations of the past projects. It will also be the place for presentation of Warsaw independent film, with the best films from various festivals that took place during the year. The most dynamic element of the Saturday night in Palace will be the artistic "jam session" of different genres of art. Being created in the presence of the audience, and with the audience participation the "jam session" will become a half a dance half a visual performance. For instance the marathon of dancers improvising along the corridors of the Palace -will be a confrontation but also a collective piece made by dancers that represent different dance styles (mostly modern but also street dance). The night in the Palace will give a chance for an (almost) simultaneous presentation of many projects in different spaces of the Palace of Culture.

After the festival is finished we will invite the guests from abroad to share with us their feelings about Re:vision and also share with us their experience in organizing similar events all around Europe.

The seminars and discussions on general topics like: what is independent culture?, and the more detailed ones like about Warsaw scene of modern dance, or answering the question if there is a need for an institution in off culture, together with the conference on the subject of the non-governmental organizations taking care of theatre and their cooperation with the city - will be an opportunity for the independent animators of culture to get to know each other and integrate with each other.

The project is a great chance for promoting independent culture, it will contribute to the enrichment of the city's offer and broadening the social consciousness about art. It is also an opportunity to find new public that didn't have a chance of being introduced to independent art before, and to extend the general knowledge about independent art in this way enlarging the amount of the public of the independent cultural institutions.